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Lemmy pale ale

Created a pale ale. Recipy in hounor of lemmy. 4 lbs dingemans paleale grains. 6 lbs otermaris licht dme. 1 lbs cornsugar. 6 kinds of hops. Cascade. Two of them for dryhops. And 3qrt. Jackdaniels. A og of. 1.068. Fg 1 015 1.010. Color light amber. Plan for this saturday

Jack in a pale ale? Let us know how this turns out…

What are the other hop varieties you’re throwing in there?

Did made this before when lemmy died. Just toss in jd before. Two weeks kegging. Had a light jd taste. Now gonna use. Oak cubes. Let them soak of ten days in jd. See if this will give different after taste. Gonna use only cascade hops all the way.

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