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Leftover grains

I have 10lb american 2 row 1lb 80l 1 biscuit 1 carpils 1cara munic .25 special b 1lb carafa 3 lots of noble hops any ideas what to do with my leftovers

some say feed the deer, and some say compost ,others say make bread. I think the deer are fine without it and the compost may get to acidic , don’t bake bread myself and do not trust the mice if I were to throw the stuff outside, so in the trash it go’s. Hey someone should make a poem or limerick out of this.

looks like you could make a nice red or amber ale with some of those ingredients

i like positive reaction not neg . if im going to junk all that malt . i would rather put it all together and see what i can chum up . on thr other hand i do feed the deer so i can kill them . and i like to make bread

I think grainy might have thought you were talking about spent grain.

You’ve got the ingredients for a nice red, amber, or even black ale. I’d definitely come up with a recipe and see what happens

+1 to the black ale. You could skip the biscuit & cut the carapils and carafa III in half. All you would need is a nice bittering hop like magnum then load up on the nobles late for flavor & perhaps a dryhop. I’m actually sipping on a similar recipe right now but used columbus & cascade. MMMMMMM! Delicious! Good luck! :cheers:

sorry I misread the post. I did think that you were talking about spent grain. I guess leftover to me is spent. I’m always out of grain, never have that much leftover. well I’m red in the face now. dwhahb.

I never worry about left-over grain. It will get used eventually, and I’d rather make a beer I want to make rather than trying to figure out what might be OK using what is in stock.

Now is a good time for a black IPA. We just brewed one up recently. I think you could use most of your leftovers up on that one beer and not have a frankenbeer. Maybe only use enough of the crystals to add up to 10% of the grist, otherwise use everything.

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