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Left the light on

Brewed a summer ale today and when I put put the carboy in the basements I forgot to turn off the light. Its a 60 watt bulb about 8 feet away. I ruin my summer ale?

not at all.

just curious, are you asking because of fear of the heat from the bulb or because of the light from it?

either one I also think you would be fine.

I am worried about the light. I’ve read light can cause off flavors.

It’s the UV in sunlight that causes skunkiness. I wouldn’t worry aboot it.

I am no expert, but I would also think that wasn’t exactly a prolonged enough exposure to matter anyway.

I will say I also wrap my carboys in a dark colored, light weight, old bed sheet. In our basement light comes in through the windows and is pretty bright in there during the day, so I assume this helps and can’t hurt. My basement is pretty cool (usually about 62-64 degrees) and I do wrap it pretty loosly so that I don;t trap tons of heat from the fermenting either.

regardless I bet you are fine.

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