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Left over wort

After i rinse my grains. On the end got some wort left. Now thinking. Can i use it in combination with dme to make a starter. Or i use only wort. To make a starter. ???

You can use just wort as long as the OG is around 1.036-1.040, the preferred range for starter wort. If not, add a little DME. You can freeze it for a short time. Better option would be to use a pressure cooker and can it to kill botulism.

This might be the issue. A grav of 1.060. Might stress out the yeast cells most the beers i brew are around the 1.060

Batch sparge or fly sparge? You have to remember that at the tail end of your fly sparge, or the second running of your batch sparge, the OG won’t be near as high. In addition, you could always dilute.

Batch sparge. But indeed did not think about this. Grav will be lower. Once. Sparging.

Your English is getting better.

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Back in my days of batch sparge I would save some grain drain and freeze for starters. Now with BIAB I don’t have any extra wort and I very rarely make starters. How much extra are we talking even with batch sparge it shouldn’t be much if you have your process refined.

Dont have much. To use last time maybe a cup

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