Left-over Hops

How long will an open bag of pelletized hops last in the fridge/freezer? …my last recipe called for .5 oz, and I had a 1 oz bag, so… Is it good enough to fold the bag up, clip it closed, seal it in a ziplock bag, and keep it in the fridge for the next batch (several weeks away), or should it be put in the freezer, or tossed???


For me personally, I would toss them if you dont have a way to store them in an airless environment. I vacuum seal all my hops and store them in the freezer. Air, heat, and light are the enemy when it comes to hop storage.

With that having been said, if you keep them in a freezer bag with all/most of the air squeezed out of the bag, they should last several weeks in the freezer.

Save them.

If they were very fresh when you got them, they should last at least a couple years in the freezer. I typically buy whole hops, which don’t stay fresh as well as pellets do, and it can take months to go through an open bag. It has only been when I’ve gone more than a year that I’ve ever had hops go stale on me, and that only a couple times when (I suspect) the hops were already somewhat old when I got them.

Remember, hops are harvested once per year, and used at least until the next harvest. In Europe, they must be sold with “best used by” dates on them, which are typically two years after packaging.

They will defiantly last several weeks in the freezer.

roll/fold the bag and maybe tape or make sure relatively closed and put in freezer bag which as much air out and they will be fine. rebuiltcellars is right on.

use up in a timely manner and go for it.

Excellent! Thanks everybody!