Leaving tubing in PBW

Just a quick question for anyone… Sometimes I forget some tubing in PBW for a little too long and it gets a permanent haze on the tubing. Would this affect anything in a negative way, and should I just be buying some beer line cleaner?


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It shouldn’t affect anything if you rinsed it well (followed by sanitizing). Be sure to hang them so they dry without any liquid collecting and molding.

I definitely give it a good rinse as with everything else and hang them on my cupboard doors in the kitchen, and sanitizing is a given, but it’s good to know I’m not ruining my tubing.

Thanks for the reply!

Soak it briefly in a weak acid solution, like some distilled vinegar and water. As long as the surface hasn’t been etched, it should clean it right off.

I boil water and put and the tubing in to soak.