Leaving kegs at room temp

I think I’m going to order a keg system from the 20% off sale. I really don’t have a way to keep them cold yet. could I just set the system up somewhere at room temp, then fill a few growlers and stick them in the fridge to get them cold? Would the carbonation be ok?

Probably. But you live in MN so keeping your keg cold shouldn’t be a problem. Put the keg in a 5gal bucket and some ice or snow with a blanket wrapped around it. It doesn’t take much ice you can probably make enough ice in your fridge freezer. Keep I in the basement. Remember ale is drunk at about 41/42 deg.

Late fall to early spring here in SW Ohio my garage is usually in the low 30’s to low 40 I have a keggerator that fits three kegs but have eight kegs and sometimes all eight have beer in them. They serve perfect from the garage temp during this period. In MN you will have no problem keeping them cold.

My concern about leaving them in garage would be getting them too cold and ending up with a big beercilce.

Im in a similar situation. Im going to do the keezer mod to one of my chest freezers, but only use it for keeping kegs at temperature.

That’s easier yet just put it in a box with a temp controller and a light bulb

I went ahead and ordered a kegging system. Is there some good sites that explain the process, kinda a kegging for dummies?

Your on a good site already. Post a question on the keg gib forum.