Leaky Picnic Faucet

Until I can start building out my Keezer with Perlicks, I’ve got to use plastic picnic faucets. So far, 3 out of 3 have leaked. Is there anything I can do–apart from disconnecting the liquid line when not in use–to stop the leaks?

It’s very frustrating to come home to a puddle on the floor of your keezer. That’s exactly what was happening before I figured out where the leaks are coming from.

Bummer. Where is it leaking? The outlet or where it connects to the beer line? I haven’t had any problems with mine.

It’s leaking at the outlet

Constantly or just a bit? After each pour, my picnic taps drip a bit in the fridge. I think it is from what is left on the out side of the valve. So I just wipe up every few days or so.

If it’s just a little leftover beer and not a constant leak, either plan an old towel on the keg to set the tap on. Or affix a container to the keg to put the tap in. Plastic cup, cottage cheese tub, butter tub…

This is exactly what I’ve been doing since I figured out the leak was coming from the picnic. It’s definitely more than just a residual amount of liquid left in the faucet after dispensing. It’s a constant drip. If I leave the faucet on top of a double-folded paper towel when I leave for work in the morning, the paper towel is wet from edge to edge and soaked through by the time I get home.

I’d be getting a new picnic tap.

I’ve had this problem on all three that I’ve tried. I tried disassembling the last one to check for a stuck hop leaf or something, then reconnecting ensuring a tight connection. Still leaks.

All three of the picnic taps that leak are new?

Sounds like a problem with the seal in the faucet. When you unscrewed the dispensing lever from the picnic tap body, is the rubber plunger that forms the seal smooth soft and flexible? Is the body of the picnic tap smooth inside where the plunger seals?

When reassembling picnic faucets it may help to lock the dispensing lever in the “on” position before screwing it on the tap body. If you haven’t, try that and see if seals better.

All three purchased at the same time? Different time from same store? Probably still the same production lot.

Maybe add some keg lube to the seal?

Purchase one from a different vender?