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Leaky corny keg

I discovered tonight that i have a very small leak around the base of the post (where the threaded bit is joined with the keg body). DANG. That might explain why the the last CO2 bottle went so quickly.

Anyone ever seen (or, more importantly, fixed) this? I am planning to take an X-ACTO blade and trim the rubber around the base so i can see it properly. Maybe some JB-Weld?

Thx in advance…

Get a new rubber ring. Many/most homebrew shops sell these, and if not, you can find them on Amazon for pretty cheap.

it’s below the rubber O-ring. as in where the threaded post is welded/bonded to the keg body.

If the keg body has a crack, I would try some silver solder. ... R2000&P=BF

But you may end up using it for a parts keg.

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