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Leaking keg problem

I have a couple of kegs that appear to have sprung a leak. There is no visual leaking around the top of the kegs, but if I leave them sitting in the driveway with liquid in them, there is visible leakage on the concrete. How do I fix them :?:

So its leaking liquid? Are they flipped upside down or are they pressurized? If pressurized it sounds like the poppet is stuck (you should be able to tell). Take it apart, clean everything well, and use food grade silicone on them. I would suggest you do this to all parts including the lid gasket anyway since they haven’t been used in awhile.

You could always pressurize them with CO2 (or air) and stick them in the pool, looking for bubbles.

Might be a dumb question, but is it condensation? Cold keg in N. Carolina. :wink:

Greg’s idea of pressurizing and dunking will expose a leak.

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