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Leaking caps?

I found today that a couple of the bottles I capped 2 weeks ago are leaking when not standing upright.
I intend to pour out the beer in those bottles, but I don’t want to make the same mistake again.
I have the red colored bottle capper that came with my one gallon starter kit.
Are there any particular tips or advice anyone can share on using it consistently and properly before I ruin too much beer?

Best advice can give you is after capping turn your bottles up side down and check for leaks. If leaks put capper on and crimp it again and test again. If still leaks after that just recap it with new cap.

Right before I started kegging, I bought a free standing capper to replace my cappers. The red wing capper worked better than the black one, but both caused stress cracks in bottles for me on 22 oz bottles. I rate them as different degrees of junk. The free standing capper worked great.

Some bottles have the two lips near the top closer together than others. The capper does not work very well on these as it needs the bottom lip to grip and pull the cap down tight over the top lip. See if this is the case with your leakers. A bench capper is well worth the money as it works on nearly all bottles.

I had problems with sealing when using the less expensive gold caps; would have to recap some bottles as many as 5 times. I’ve since moved to the colored caps sold by NB and haven’t had a miss-cap since. So maybe you should try a different cap. (still using the red capper from the 1 gal starter kit).

Check to make sure you didn’t use bottles made for twist-off caps. A bench capper is great, but no capper sold for home use is going to seal bottles designed for twist offs.

Best thing you can do is always check for the leaks visit this page for more information

Had nothing but problems with the wing cappers and bought a table top model it broke the first batch of beer. Did the research and built pneumatic capper, now every cap, every bottle perfect!
Would have posted pic but cannot seem to make it happen.

Odd. I have no problems with my capper that came with the deluxe kit and gold caps.

my red capper works great with almost every type of cap sold, but I did get a bag of some kind of caps (not sure what they were) that it did not work well at all. try different caps before you give up on the red baron capper. I prefer the gold cap, they are the cheep ones but they work good for me. keep in mind that the oldest beer I have bottled only made it to 60 days old so for those of you that age beer for a long time cheep caps may not be the way to go. one other thing that may help is after you cap the bottle turn it a quarter turn and crimp it again, work for me. hope this helps.

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