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Leaf hops in the mail

If I had some leaf hops that I harvested this year, dried and then vac sealed and put in the freezer… could I remove them from the freezer and send them in the mail to a friend and could that friend then refreeze them with no ill consequences or what? Thanks

I kinda think that would be similar to you buying some hops from a hop seller and storing them. One difference is that yours would have been kept in a freezer prior to shipping where as the commercial hops would have just been kept in a big cooler in a bale. I would try to find a cool spell to ship them as the high temperatures we’re experiencing will add some deterioration to them. I think you’re good to go.

This certainly depends on the supplier. I buy almost all of my hops through Hops Direct

, and they store all of their hops in a freezer.

Regarding the OP’s question - I see no problem with shipping hops. Go for it!

Yes the hops are dry so there are no ill effects of thawing and refreezing. Keeping them cold just slows the degradation of the oils. Vac sealing is nice since it removes oxygen that also degrades the oils.

Thanks for the info guys!

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