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Law Goon Eetuz

Lagunitas that is. :smiley:

Exceptional Pale (New Dogtown) and IPA. The Maximus IPA is great as well.

Amazing to watch the expansion with Chicago coming on line. Hide your sister. :shock:

Damn good beer!

I know I’m going to get some hate but I have to disagree. Personally I have not had anything from them I would want again. I have found their stuff either underwhelming or to have a kind of “cat pee funk” to it. Last time I was in Vegas the best beer they had in the place I was at was Lagunitas IPA. Very begrudgingly ordered one and after one sip sent it right back for a Coke.

Not a fan of theirs.

+1 I’ve tried their IPA and “Little Sumpin’, Sumpin’” and wasn’t impressed by either. Not bad beers, but not good enough to make me want to drink them again.

I went through a Little Sumpin Sumpin kick for a while but it’s not a beer I go out of my way to have now but every once in a while I enjoy it. If you get a chance though, try Lagunitas Sucks. It’s a very tasty DIPA. Very complex hop bill with some interesting flavors.

Little Sumpin Sumpin was my beer of the year 2012

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