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Lavender ale ideas?

Looking for some new ideas for a recipe to use lavender in. Over the summer I used lavender in an American wheat which turned out pretty good. My wife is requesting more lavender beer and I want tho try something different this time. Any ideas?

It would probably go well in a cream ale. What was your process for getting the lavender in there?

The cream ale idea sounds good…but go easy on the lavender (or experiment to find the right threshold). Iwould even shoot for a slightly sweeter than average finish on the beer.
The taste of lavender can get pretty insipid and nasty if overdone.
I once got a lavender scone from a bakery (it sounded like a good idea…and smelled great) but it wound up being virtually inedible and no amount of jam or cream would tame the nastiness of too much lavender. It actually made me gag. :shock:

Yeah, they only way I can think of that I have consumed lavender was a marshmallow. No lack of sweetness there.

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