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Late start on fermenting

Did brew a batch ten days ago. My abv kind of off. My brew buddy did add to much lme. I did know this would be a issue. Fermenting wise and had only one starter ready. Few days later did add extra starter. Some drop of abv. So wait and see. Just transfer to second. So now lots of airlock action. Going on so now maybe beer does come out. I do hope

Well in yer area with a constant warm temp, I’d worry. Sniff the air lock to see what you can detect…Cross yer fingers and hope Gambrinus, the beer god, is smiling with you! Sneezles61

Me to hope it comes out. Now in second. Airlock bubbeling up a storm. No we wait and see. Will take a other reading. Once airlock slows down. Just let it stand and pray to the beer god.

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