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Late malt extract addition

Is this techinique the way to go??? I hear differing opinions… I have always added my extract right at beginning of the boil but am reading that it can be better to add at the end of the boil. This just seems weird to boil water and hops only… if no specialty grains are involved this is what would be happening.

There are threads on this if you search the forum. I believe you need some addition of malt up front or your hop utilization will suffer. The reason for adding most of the malt late is to avoid caramelization and darkening of the beer.

I’ve done a couple extracts lately, and added half at the first boil, and half with 20 minutes left. They turned out very good.

I like the late extract method, I get more hop bitterness esier, I think it has a better taste too but maybe that’s just me, and lighter color. Mostly I use liquid so I will add the small ~3lb jug at the beginning and the rest with 5-10 minutes left of the boil, generally to coincide with a hop addition. For dry extract I would add a couple of pounds or so up front and then the rest at the end. If you are designing your own recipe you can calculate your hop additions so you hit the bitterness you want. If you are using a kit and the instructions don’t specifically mention splitting the malt additions you will have to use caution as you will end up with a more bitter beer than was intended from the recipe.

Like so many things, YOU need to find what works for you. :wink:

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