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Late in the game?

Hello All,
Just wondering if my plants are running behind or not. The cascades grew about 21’ with small spurs all over the top 3-4’ of the plant. Is it too late for cones to develop & mature, or is that about normal for Southeast Wisconsin growth? The weather’s been wet & hot which is good. Anyone else in this area have cones yet? Thanks! :cheers:

I’m in west-central MN, and mine are just now developing burrs. Everything here is about 3 weeks behind. No worries - I think we could be in for a nice long fall too.

My hops typically are ready for harvest in mid-September. :cheers:

You guys are actually lucky. I have already harvested 3 of my varieties so far and it has been so hot and humid in MD that it is real hard to do it.

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