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Late extract additions in recipes from BCS

So I will be brewing the Weizenbock recipe out of Brewing Classic Styles this weekend. I read the beginning portion of the book and the only time they talk about late extract additions is in the partial boil section and even there it’s not terribly clear whether to do them or how much.

So what’s everyone’s opinion? The recipe calls for 11lbs of Wheat LME and 1.5 lbs of Munich LME. I will be starting with 6.5 gallons of water to compensate for boil off. Should I do any late additions and if so how much? I’m not terribly concerned about the color of this one, just the flavor. I know there’s some debate whether wort gravity affects bitterness but I checked in BeerSmith2 which compensates for this and even if I add a majority at the end it’s only a swing of ~7 IBU (tinseth).

If you are doing a full volume boil then there isn’t much reason to do the late addition of extract. Especially since the IBUs will be indistinguishable.

Add one to one and one-half pounds of LME per gallon of your boil. Late extract addition is done mainly to keep the color of the finished beer lighter. LME darkens with prolonged heating. I suppose there could also be some flavor changes. Flavor changes may be indistinguishable brecause there in very little mention of this.

I am drinking an American Amber Ale right now. I used the late extract addition technique for this one. It was a partial boil. It is slightly lighter in color than my previous batch. No noticeable flavor difference.

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