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Late Extract Additions affect on IBU

I’ve read that putting off DME additions till later in the boil will increase the bitterness of the beer. BeerSmith has an option to add DME at different points in the boil and it does calculate the bitterness differently and appears to have quite a significant increase in IBU. Just wondering if anyone can confirm that it makes that much of a difference.

An example: I have a recipe that consisted of 8lbs of DME and 2lbs of table sugar. I moved 5lbs of DME to the 20min mark and it increased the IBU’s by 20.

On another note, is it better to add the table sugar earlier in the boil or later or does it matter?

Depends on what the original IBU value was. If you’re talking 20 to 40(100% increase) then that seems like too much of an increase. If you’re talking about going from 60 to 80(33% increase) then that sounds more reasonable. It’s really more about the % change in IBU. As for the table sugar I don’t know that it really matters, although there’s really no reason to boil it for the full 60 min and as you’ve seen you’ll get better hop utilization with less sugar in the wort so most people add towards the end of the boil.

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