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Late addition Hopshot residue

Yesterday I used Hopshot (amarillo) for the first time. The write up on the NB website says it should be added to boiling wort for at least a minute or two. I add a 5ml shot with 1 minute left and a hop steep for another minute of two while it hook up the IC.

Now my IC and kettle are coated with a thick sticky but nice smelling gop. I managed to get the kettle clean with a good Oxyclean scrub but the IC is still coated. A 10 minute soak in StarSan did nothing. I’m going to try a long soak in Oxyclean next.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? Is it only from the short boil time or does this happen with any use of Hopshot? This clean up would make me think twice before using it again.

In case anyone else has this stuff stick on their IC, I finally got around to giving mine an Oxyclean soak. I brought a small kettle full of water up to about 190 deg and added the Oxyclean and the IC. After about 15 mins almost all of the gop was gone.

I used it late addition and didn’t have any issues. Only used about 1/5 of the syringe, though.

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