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Last 1/3 of fermentation?

Hello I trying to find the last 1/3 for my Wee Heavy the OG 1.099 an FG 1.026 now if my math is right I take 99-26=73*0.33=24 an then take 26+24=50 so should the last 1/3 of 1.099og 1.026fg be 1.050?

I agree with your arithmetic.

Although the predicted final gravity is probably close, it’s an estimate. When I take my first gravity reading, I leave the sample in the hydrometer sample tube with a loose cover until the gravity stabilizes. It’s a “fast ferment” test and gives an excellent estimate (there’s that word again) of the actual final gravity.

This is the point where you probably point out that you did a fast ferment test. Oops!


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Yep. Or the easy swaggy way to figure it out is to divide the original gravity points by 2. 99/2 = 50, or 1.050 just as you found.


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