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Laser thermometer

Got my self yesterday in the mail. A laser thermometer. So dont have to stick a regular thermometer in my wort. See if this works. Tuessday. Besides this got 2 regular temp gauges. For my mashtun and htl tun

Looking forward to your report on this one. I tried one but was not confident in it.

Will see if it works. Combined with the regular thermometer. As a test.


Sounds like a plan. Seems like there was an issue with the steam that messed me up. My brother in-law uses one as a part of his normal routine.

Did took a reading of the grains this morning just for fun. Regular thermo meter said. 75 fh. My laser. 77 fh.

i use one as well. It works great until the batteries get low then it fluctuates. i mostly use mine for checking my carboy fermenters

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I have that same one works great use it all the time. Still use the long stem in the mash though

Is it possible that is because the surface temp is a little warmer? I have wondered about using one of those since there is no contact so less chance of infection without much work.

It tends to reflect off the wort you have to shoot it straight in. Same thing on metal you have to make sure it bounces directly back. I read the outside of the fermenter.

Thats is my thought. Less contact with the wort. Me took extra day off tomorow. Will do brew session. See it the laser works

I use a more traditional thermometer during mash. The Ryobi version i have averages as you hold the button. So you can do a sweep of the wort. I’m using it right now as my starter is cooling down.

I used a thermapen to verify my PID is reading the right temp… Those two have been consistent for so many brews, I don’t check any more… I have confidence my set up is more accurate than the brewer! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Sneezles61

It would be great for something like that. Even if it was for a ballpark reading to see how it was cooling without actual contact. Adding to my Christmas wish list!

They are great around the house looking for cold or hot spots. " Is that wall insulated" great tool for people looking to buy a house.


I shoot mine at my wife and say something like “You’re on FIRE!”. That got a chuckle the first 8 times. Now it gets an eye-roll but it’s part of my brew tradition so it will continue.


^^^^ oh dear… New fangled foreplay? :no_mouth: Sneezles61

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Fun to mess with the cat too!:rofl:

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Me just use it. While heating up the sparge water. Did use my old faith full. Thermometer as well. And the laser. Pretty close on temp. But trust my old temp today. Did try to use it. On the wort. Indeed to much steam to get a acuarate reading due to the steam. I think

Brew time. Today a citra ipa. For my daughter. Got the mash going. Mean while waiting for the sparge water to heat up. Now a kriek lambic. Brew music. Will be. Lamb of god. Iron maiden. Soulfly. And sod


Which lamb of god?

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