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Large Scale Equipment Cleaning

Greetings all, this is my first post. So I’ve been looking into, more dreaming about, building a 1/2-1 bbl brewery and after browsing the many systems and options I got to wondering…How are these systems cleaned and maintained. You cant necessary clean these huge kettles and mash tuns in the kitchen sink or even a large utility sink (or maybe you can). I’ve also seen insulation taped around kegs, how are these cleaned without removing the insulation? How are large conicals cleaned? How are the hoses flushed?

So I was hoping anyone out there might want to share their clean-up process, and tricks, tips or advice for efficiently cleaning and maintaining larger home brewery equipment and systems. Cleaners, chemicals, elbow grease, however you do it I really am interested to hear your story.

Google Clean In Place (CIP)

I always brew in the backyard. When I brew up a big batch, say 40+ gallons, I boil in my 60 gallon stainless drum. Its big and heavy, but once it’s empty I just use the hose and a non scratch brillow pad and give it the once over. Its not like it needs to be spotless. From there, the beer goes into my 23 cu ft chest freezer to ferment, after the beer comes out I clean the fermenters the same way, little scrubbing and some hose action. I usually ferment in either 20 or 32 gallon food grade plastic Brute brand trash cans, so cleaning them is pretty easy with the hose in the backyard method since they have the large opening. That’s it! I am sure some other people do more elaborate things to clean their conicals, plate chillers and all the rest, but I don’t have anything fancy like that.

On a budget, (1) hot water and PBW, (2) a good soft brush with a long handle, (3) a pump to move things around, and (4) a shop vac to pick up the sludge that you can remove by draining/pumping.

you may want to go over to and ask there.

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