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Large electronic project boxes

I know I should be posting this in the yeast and fermentation section, but I figured it might get more traffic here. I am looking for a good source for large electronic project boxes. One like this only larger.

I’m wanting to build a two station stir plate and need a project box large enough to comfortably fit two 2000ml flasks. Yes, it needs to look professional. I would like to find one that measures in the range of 20"x10"x2". Has anyone else built a two station stir plate? What did you use for the enclosure?

[quote=“Baratone Brewer”]Yes, it needs to look professional.[/quote]I can’t believe you, of all people, would be worried about something like that. :wink:

Easier to keep the wife happy if the brewing toys look good. :wink:

Would a small fuse/breaker box enclosure work? Replace the “face” with a piece of plexiglass.

I’m not sure on the grounding aspect of the steel box. If you are using a cell phone charger power source there is no ground.

Google “hoffman enclosures” . They make a lot of different size electrical boxes. Here is one on amazon, but if you have an electrical wholesale house like grainger or fastenel, They would have what you need. ... 63&sr=8-11

Here check this one out

For my stirplate, I used a basswood box. Google images. They look nice. I used an unfinished cigar box. You might be able to find the size you need for two.

Make one.

I made my enclosure out of oak. Ill post a pic tonight.

A piece of Tupperware for me. Professional-looking Tupperware, of course. :wink:

I’m getting a friend to cut some acrylic sheets with his laser to make one that’s nicer-looking with a slimmer profile. I’ll post some pics when I get it finished, but it would be easy to adapt that template to a larger surface or multiple computer fans.

Thanks for the ideas guys.
I already have two stir plates that work well, just need a two station one. And Would like to keep it plastic.
I like the Hammond Mfg. box, but its nowhere big enough for what I need and not looking for a clear lid.
Hoffman enclosures has a couple that are close. They carry a box that would work, just not exactly the size I was looking for. The closest size that I saw in the right design was 16"x14"x5.74".

Try checking this page out it has some bigger boxes and options

I made mine out of an old Playstation 2. ... CN2408.mp4

When we order stuff like this at work we use[/url] or [url=]
. They have a wide range of enclosures to choose from. The two biggest manufacturers of electronics enclosures are Hammond and Bud. I suggest browsing the catalog rather than using the search

That size is pretty big, I don’t know if you’d find a plastic enclosure that big, and if you did they would be $100+. It would definitely be cheaper to repurpose some consumer grade storage container if it meets your needs. And if you can build it in two boxes, smaller plastic enclosures are much cheaper.

Yeah, I already knew going into this that it wouldn’t be cheap. If I can find the right enclosure, it would be worth $100 to me. I’ve been very pleased with the two stir plates that I have built already. But, would be extremely satisfied if I could build a more professional looking two station stir plate.

Dang BB! I think the one in the pics looks pretty professional. Is that a circuit board in you stir-plate? Really? :shock:

Yeah, its just some resistors. I wanted high and low variable speed controls. I can run just the rheostat or can switch to run the rheostat with the added resistors giving me high and low variable speeds.

Posting pictures of mine took far longer then I meant for it too.
[attachment=2]Stir Plate 1.jpg[/attachment]
[attachment=1]Stir Plate 2.jpg[/attachment]
[attachment=0]Stir Plate 3.jpg[/attachment]

Looks nice gregscsu.
But, I would still like to find a large plastic project box like the smaller ones I already have. Interestingly enough, the top to my all in one printer would work perfect! That thing better not have any issues any time soon! :twisted:

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