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Landshark recipie?

Hello to everyone. First let me say that I am relatively new to home brewing. As of right now, I only have the equipment to do extract brewing.

I am a lover of many types of beer. IPAs, Porters, Stouts, micro brews and macro brews. I recently finished a Pete’s Wicked Ale kit that is a nice dark ale with a great taste.

I am looking to do a batch for the summer. I know many people love Corona, but for me I can’t do it. I really like the flavor and drinkability of Landshark. Does anyone have a recipie for something very similar to Landshark that can be converted to an extract kit?

I know it is an A-B product and that alone will draw criticism from many. I get it, but people like what they like.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


first question - do you have the ability to lager?

Not sure. What do I need?

How come we don’t have the little smiley icon that’s eating popcorn in anticipation of the next reply?

Can anyone tell I’m a beginner? I looked up that I’ll need a chest freezer/extra fridge and temp controller.


This Thread might get more response in the recipe section.

How can I move it? Or just repost there?

Click around Ken’s website to learn a bit more. Check out his recipe for Cabana Lager (4th recipe down). I don’t know if it’ll be Landshark, but I’m sure it’ll be tasty.

You can do a good job of keeping the temps in the 50’s and even lower by putting the pail/carboy in a picnic cooler. Fill it with water and change out 20oz/1lt/2lt frozen water bottles.

It takes a little work, but it is possible.

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