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Lambic yeast in under 12 weeks?

This is a spin off of another post.


Question is, will using Wyeast 3278 Belgian Lambic blend to a beer with pineapple and cherries have enough time to add some flavor in only 10-11 weeks? I need to brew this Saturday. I would plan on a 2 week primary. Rack to secondary and add the pineapple and cherries. Then I’ll have only 8 weeks or so to secondary before I’d have to keg and carb for the competition.


I’ll also add this beer isn’t suppose to be a true lambic. The beer is suppose to be a Hawaiian LuALE beer. Pilsner base malt, cherry smoked malt, some crystal, very mild hops, pineapple & cherries added to secondary. Just wondering if this yeast and my timeline will work together.

I think the only shot you have is if you primary with a saccaromyces yeast and then condition with the lambic blend. i could be wrong.

You should check with the brewer to make sure he will allow wild yeast in his brewery or you’ll have no chance of winning.

Good point, but not a problem. The rules say we “may use any specialty grains, hops, yeast, bacteria, herbs, spices, fruit or any other ingredients you wish in any amounts”.

I guess that proves your other point in the other thread about this topic. Touche!

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