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Lallemand cbc1, one pack two carboys?

Iv got a la fin du monde clone and a barley wine that are ready to bottle. Barley wine gets the cbc1 for sure but the la fin du monde has been sitting a while, and being 9% I would feel better if I a added a little yeast to that too. Can I start CBC1 and split to two carboys safely?

Never used it before but the recommended inoculation rate is 2 grams per 5 gallons, or approximately 1/2 tsp. The packet is 11 grams so there is plenty to split up.

If you need it or not depends on ABV, yours is certainly high enough and time in the fermenter. I don’t see any reason not to use it.

Off topic but could you share the La Fin du Monde recipe? I tried one a while ago and it came out nice but not like it. It was about the only one I could find online at the time.

I’m working on a iPhone right now, no computer, can I email you a picture of the recipe?

That would be great

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