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Lakefront Brewery Bridge Burner Kit FG?

I brewed the Lakefront Brewery Bridge Burner Pro Series Partial Mash Kit a month ago and just added the dry hops and took a gravity reading. What should I expect for a F.G? I go 1.022. That is higher then I expected.

If you agree that it is too high, is there something I can do to ferment a bit more to bring it down?

You could dilute with more water and add a pound of table sugar. That’s about the only way to get the FG down and the alcohol up to where you intended it to be. This is a common occurrence with extract beers. Extracts often will not ferment any lower than 1.018-1.020. Looks like that is what you have experienced here. In the future, for ANY extract recipe, replace 1 lb of the extract for 1 lb table sugar, and you’ll get closer to what you wanted.

You got 76% attenuation what more do you want with a beer that starts at 1.091.

I got 1.021 out of mine and I never have any issues with attenuation so I’m considering that was as done as it was going to get. It tastes very good. It’s got a ton of flavor!

Thanks all. I just was not sure what to expect.

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