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Lagunitas Lawsuit

I’m sure everyone has seen this already. But if you haven’t… ... 102341790#.

Ah the frivolous lawsuit rears it’s ugly head in craft brewing.

I remember when Ralph Lauren was trying to get trademark protection and exclusive rights to use the American flag as a trademark, of course they were denied.

Then there is a knife company Spyderco lawsuit against Benchmade for a round hole in the knife that assist in one hand operation. Spyderco claiming the “hole” is a trademark.

And now Lagunitas was wanting to trade mark the bold letters IPA. Glad they retracted it.

Pretty stoopid…

This was the final straw for me in Tony’s long line of d0uchery that prompted a full personal boycott of the brewery. Too bad, because their beer is pretty tasty.

but…but…but…what about Sucks? :shock:

I see what you did there… :smiley:

The thing I’m finding out with most of these issues in craft brewing is that often if you contact the “offending” brewery without the lawyers involved, they usually comply. Its when you immediately get litigious that pisses people off.

Kinda like the whole dead ringer issue here… I bet if Bell’s simply would have contacted NB they would have changed the name with no big deal. But no, Bell’s decided to get their lawyers involved and send the wonderful cease and desist letter…

Have never liked their beer and now I know what kind of idiots are running the place.

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