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I am making my first lager…an Oktoberfest/Marzen. I am in primary right now with WLP830 German lager yeast. Going for 2 weeks at 50-52 degrees F. I am going to do a diacetyl rest for 2-3 days and lager for about 6-8 weeks. I wanted to keg and force carbonate in the secondary stage. Will this affect the lagering? Should I transfer to another carboy, lager, and then keg? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Lagering carbed beer in a keg works just fine. I’ve done it many times. I’d caution you about your schedule, though. Fermentation may be done i2 weeks, but it may not. Check the gravity and let the beer make the schedule, not the calendar.

I’ve gone two weeks and then did a warmer rest for as long as a week to help the beer finish, and it seemed to work. Maybe I just got lucky though. I’m fermenting an OFest right now and am going to go this route. I thought the majority of esters were produced early in the ferment?

Yeah, that’s my experience and what most books these days say.

Thanks gents! Sounds like good advice. I will stick to it and prep for a fantastic beer!

Race you to OFest!

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