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Lagers and dry yeast

There is always talk about how a big yeast starter is required for a lager because of the cold fermentation temperatures. If I use dry yeast I do not make a starter. Do I need to use additional packages of dry yeast for a lager? Never did a lager before and I am planning to do one this fall when my basement temps are good for lagering.

You will need to pitch about twice the amount of yeast cells for a lager than an ale. How many cells are in a pack of dry yeast depends upon which yeast you are planning to use. There is anecdotal information that all dry yeast packs do not contain the same number of yeast cells due to the size of the yeast cells for different strains. Your first lager will take you into some interesting reading and getting advice from brewers who have been brewing lagers with the same yeast you plan to use. The yeast manufacturers site will be extremely helpful especially if you are using a yeast produced by Danstar. The Danstar site has a wealth of information about yeast in “Articles”. The Fermentis site is not all that helpful.

Rehydrating dry yeast before pitching will always have better results.

These are some sites which will help getting you started.

I’m not too helpful because I’m still having a good time tasting ales.

Check out pitch rate calculator Mr malty has one but to answer your question yes yes most likely you need to pitch two packages of yeast for 5 gallons for a lager

For a 5 gallon batch you will probably need yo pitch 3 packets. Another way if you only have one pack is make a 2 gallon batch and then repitch on top. Make sure you save our slurry to keep your lager yeast cost down.

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This is a GREAT way to not only build yeast but to get a little beer out of the whole process. I often do this if I can time it up right.

I too, tend to reuse my yeast in series of related brews. I’ll start with a lower gravity that I make a starter for. But then I save the yeast from the first and use it in the 2nd , 3rd, and 4th batches, usually each suggessive batch a higher gravity than the previous. For example my lager series:
#1= Pilsner at 1.040-1.045. using liquid yeast I’d make a 2-step starter for this one. If dry, I’d pitch 2 packets.
#2= Vienna at 1.045-1.050. Use 1 qt. yeast slurry from #1.
#3= Oktoberfest/Marzen at 1.050-1.055. Use 2qt.yeast slurry from #1.
#4= Bock at 1.060-1.065. Since I’m probably out of #1 slurry for this one, I’ll use 2 -3 qts. slurry from #2.

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Its happened to me also… FLARS, can you help figure out where the large print comes from?:slight_smile:Sneezles61

2-3 qts or slurry? I never have much more than a quart of slurry to harvest from a lager.

I think you may if you keep pitching on top. I don’t usually pitch on top because of timing but I believe you are correct about lagers yielding less slurry.

Now may be a good time to start the lager season… What would be the choice of the lager brewers, dry or wet? Sneezles61

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I’ve pitched on cakes many times. Usually no more than twice but still never got that much slurry from the final one.

I suppose it depends on how dense your slurry and I’m pretty stingy about getting as much of the beer as possible into the keg.

Anyway, IMO…use a yeast calculator. If it’s fresh that much would likely be overkill. If it’s not make a starter.

It’s always lager season

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Wet for me. I’ve only used 34/70 once and did not have a good experience with it on first pitch. It performed just OK on the subsequent pitch to the cake so I went back to my fave WY 2206 Bavarian Lager yeast.

I enjoy ales best. Last yer I use the 838 bock yeast, I should try a different variety. Next W/E I will start with a 2.5 to build up… Sneezles61

So, whats yer take from that yeast… Why does it make a home run for you? Sneezles61

I’ve Boogered up the OP thread. I will start a new one. Sneezles61

It’s consistent, malt focused and flocs clean and clear.

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