Lagering my Pilsner

Am I missing something? Thursday will be 3 weeks since my Pilsner will be lagering and it is still very
cloudy. The first week there was alot of yeast that settled but since then there has been very little
to no clearing. Everything I read said to lager it for 4 weeks at 42 to 34 degrees and I’m sitting at 37
degrees. Have anyonr out there find 4 weeks is not enough time or is this just how it is in terms of
it clearing. Thanks

I’d go a minimum of 2 months if you can wait.

I too have a Czech Pilsner lagering @ 38 going on week 4. I’ll probably leave it for 7 weeks before bottling. I may use a little dry yeast at bottling time to ensure carbonation. Hopefully it’s good & clear by then. Good luck with your lager! :cheers:

did you use Irish moss in the boil. after 4 weeks of lagering my pilsners are clear.