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Lager recipe design

Creating a lager recipe…Do you think it’s better to hop and boil 60 mins with a small addition (0.5 oz) or to add larger additions late (1 oz @ 10 mins and 1 oz @ 5 mins). I’m thinking of doing larger additions late to add some additional flavor and not just bitterness. Maybe even dry hop an oz. Not sure of this fitting the style but opinions are welcome.

It depends on what you want to achieve your first addition is for bittering 60 minute any hops after that will bitter alittle but are for flavor and the 10 minute addition is for aroma and will not add any ibu’s. Your first addition should be 95% of your ibu and the second 45/30 minutes is flavor 5% of your ibu and last addition aroma 10 minutes 0% ibu

I’ve done all of the above making an IPL. A traditional syle lager woul generally not over hop for flavor more for bittering and let some malt come through. So it depends on what your trying to accomplish. It’s your baby follow your dream

I will say, it ferments slower, longer, and to me the aroma sure seems to disappear… I’ve never had a lager that exhibits the same hop aroma an ale can kick up… Sneezles61

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