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I made a Berliner Weisse with WLP630 about 2 months ago. I read that loctobacilus will sour the beer over time.

Does it matter if I keep it in the fermentor or if I bottle it? I plan to wait at least 2 months more before starting to drink it, however having it on bottle… :slight_smile: It would have ever be ´nice to free the fermentor.


Is it still in the primary or have you moved to secondary? In general, I try to keep things like that in bulk until I’m ready to package. I get more consistent results if it’s all aging, souring, etc. in bulk.

But to answer your question, since the lacto is in solution, it shouldn’t matter if it’s all together or separate in bottles. It will still do its job.

It is in primary fermentor, have not planed to move it. I guess I will bottle it then. Nice to free the fermentor and I have a big amount of empty bottles…

WLP630 does not seem to have made the beer very sour. Hopefully it gets better over the next couple of months. It taste nice, nothing to complain about, but not at all as sour as I expected.

Some people use lactic acid to add some tartness (I wouldn’t call it sour). It might be an option if the lacto doesn’t come to the forefront like you had hoped.

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