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Lack of partial mash kits from our hosts

I thought I’d pass on a response to an email I sent to NB re: the lack of partial mash kits available from NB.

Their response was awesome.  They will convert any extract or all-grain recipe to a PM for you ! 

All you gotta do is ask.

 I thought some of you might want to know this.

I brew all grain normally but that is nice to know. Thumbs up NB… :cheers:

With winter approaching, I wonder if they would be willing to convert their recipes to 3-gal BIAB? It’s an awesome size for stovetop AG brews. No garage makes outdoor winter brewing suck, and I’m in PA; I can’t imagine what it’s like for those of you with really cold winter. Guess I’m making a call…

For us northerners, we’re not truly happy unless we’re cold, miserable, and have a touch of the flu.

BTW, the AG kits are great for converting into half batches with some brewing software, especially since they’re based on fairly low efficiency. It’s fun to experiment with the other half of the ingredients.

Nothing better than brewing on my deck in winter on a sunny windless day. I work outdoors, so standing in front of a boiling kettle drinking some home brew is awesome.

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