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Lack of CO2

SO I went to start kegging today. I got my supplies and the local supply store gave me the wrong type of lock. I have the ball lock and I need a pin lock. The local supply store isn’t open again until tuesday. I am in the hunt for a pin lock. First any ideas on where else I might be able to find a pin lock system other than a local brew supply store. Second, how long before my cinnamon spiced ale goes bad because I can’t remove the oxygen and get a good seal on the keg?


You could just gently blow CO2 into the open keg to try to displace the air and then re-seal. That might help your situation out. I wouldn’t jostle the keg around much.

If you purchased all the items from the local store, that messed up that they gave you the wrong disconnects. Unless you just grabbed stuff and took it to the counter. How would they know you didn’t have ball locks at home?

Any whoo.

Only other place to get the disconnects would be from the Coke distributor. If you can find someone willing to help you.

You beer will be fine for a long time. The act of transferring the beer would knock some CO2 out of solution. A couple days isn’t going to hurt it.

Thanks! I will leave it sit in the pantry and get the pin lock on Tuesday. Sadly I picked up the keg at the same time. the clerk handed me the co2 cartridge and charger as well as the ball lock and said good luck and enjoy! I am just glad a 50 dollar recipe didn’t end up swirling down my drain.

Hmmm, co2 cartridge and charger is not going to get you very far. You expect to carbonate a keg with that? Not going to work. You either need to naturally carbonate the keg or get a co2 tank and regulator.

Just charging it to remove the Oxygen and let sit for a few months aging.

Are you naturally carbonating it? If so you may want to add another oz of sugar to account for some of the loss that may have occurred.

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