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Lack of carbonation in finished beer (frustrated)

i just tried my honey weizen extract beer and the carbonation isn’t quite where i believe it should be. i pretty much followed the recipe except for a yeast starter and a full boil.
here’s the abbreviated version of what i did.
full boil 5 gallon recipe
yeast starter 1 liter of water to 1/2 cup dme. stir plate for 12 hrs crash cool to pitch
measured og 1.050
aerated with stone for 20 mins
pitched yeast @ 66 degrees
2 weeks primary @ 68-70 degrees
2 weeks secondary @ 68-70 degrees
fg 1.004
bottle with 5/8 cup table sugar
bottle condition for 2 weeks at 66 degrees
barely any carbonation in bottles
removed beer from fridge
shake bottles to re-suspend yeast
allow to settle for a few days
still no improvement with carbonation

can anyone tell me if using a yeast starter and a secondary fermentation not leave enough viable yeast to carbonate or do i need to use more priming sugar because of a yeast starter and a secondary fermentation? i’m not very experienced with making beer yet and trying to correct a problem that i stumped on. please any ideas!!!???

let her ride for another few weeks. when I was bottling, I would regularly need to wait 4+ weeks for proper carbonation to happen.

when I bottled my carbonation varied from bottle to bottle even though I’s stirred. Stir well and give it 2 weeks minimum, 4 weeks if possible. Warmer bottles will carb faster to. Bottom line since going to kegs it’s not a problem anymore. :wink:

Raise the temp and give it time.

In the future, bottle 1 soda bottle. Squeeze the O2 out and screw the cap on. The bottle will expand as the CO2 is produced. Thus you know what is happening in the glass bottles, or have a pretty good idea.

“Warmer” means 75-80F for carbonation.

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