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Labels and such

For those of you that make lables for bottles, I was wondering what programs you are using. Adobe photoshop is a bit out of my price range for such a event. But I was curious what was out there. Currently I just use the design pro from avery.

Avery labels had a free program you can import photo’s and add text. You installed it on your computer. Now it looks like it is online. I’m not sure if you can save your work to your computer for use later? ... esart-adpo

I use WordArt in MSWord to give me the fonts and funky stuff, then do my combine work with photos in Photoscape, which is a freeware app. It take a bit of time to figure out how to combine, but it comes out nice. Photoscape has a bunch of filters and editing tools that add nice touches to the finished product. I print onto Avery 5164/8146 3.3"x4" labels.

There’s also Beer Labelizer… it’s pretty cool, I’ve used it once… you add your text and a picture if you want, and you save the jpeg.




Open Office Draw

+1 on GIMP. A bit complex but equal to photoshop. :cheers:

Instead of labels for the side of the beer, I use Avery’s 3/4 inch round labels for the beer caps.I use a font size 5 and artwork.

  1. It satisfies the creative urge to create labels.
  2. Easy to remove: Pop the cap and you remove the label for the next beer session.
  3. Easy to identify the beer.
  4. If you are entering the beer into a contest you can keep the label on until you attach the entry form and therefore, less chance to misidentify the beer. Again the label is easy to remove.

This is what I did when I bottle

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