La Petite Orange

I hate to ask such stupid questions all the time :oops: - but here I go:

I plan on making La Petite Orange Extract kit this weekend and adding the crushed corriander & orange Peel.
When I add that, I am assuming that I should put it in a hop bag? And more importantly, how long do I keep it in there? Just for a couple of minutes while cooling or the whole way through primary or secondary if I do that?

Any help appreciated as usual


I brewed an American wheat extract a few months ago, added fresh orange peel(from about 3 oranges) at 30 min into the boil. Transferred them into the primary and left them throughout fermentation. Got much more orange flavor than I did in an earlier batch using NB’s dried orange peel. I don’t know if this will work as well with a saison, but I don’t see why not. I’ve not done La Petite Orange–others with much more experience than I have should be able to speak to that. My result was tasty, though. Cheers

When you add it will change the outcome a bit. so whatever you like.

For my first petite orange I added the coriander about at flameout, and the orange peel went into the primary. Not thinking, I used store bought powdered coriander, instead of whole, slightly crushed; so that was a bit too much.

Loved it. My second batch is in the primary now.

For the second we cut back on the powdered coriander, and handled the orange the same. you got me thinking though. I may just add some more to the secondary, because the transfer to secondary will probably remove what’s there.

For witbiers I generally add peel and coriander to the boil in the last 5min. You get good extraction of oils this way. I’ve also “dry-hopped” with orange peel, you do get a little more aroma and a bit brighter flavor this way. I don’t think I’d add to primary since some of those volatiles will get blown off with the CO2.

if you don’t bag the orange peel and your kettle has a standard sized dip tube, prepare for a clog…I had to actually put my hand into the kettle (sanatized glove) as i was draining and remove the dip tube completely. Then I just tilted the kettle to get out as much as I could.

Thanks for all the info. I’m gonna take a shot at adding to the boil right at the end, then when I’m racking to secondary, I’ll taste it and maybe do a dry hop of some peel. That will involve just steeping some peel in a little vodka I assume to sterilize it.

Can’t wait for this one to be ready even though I haven’t even started it yet. I wish I’d done it a month ago

If you add orange peel to the secondary, do you worry about infection? Just add the peel?

you can add the peel right to the secondary the beer will have a high enough abv to prevent infection. Otherwise steeping in vodka will kill anything and the alcohol will pull the oils out of the peel and help add a bit more umf to the flavor. ( I use 6-8 oz of vodka and 1 oz sweet dry orange peel in a blue moon clone I do, 5 gal batch) put the vodka in a jar with peel on brew day add to bucket on bottling day. Cheers