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La Petite Orange - One Dimensional

I can’t believe I’m saying this since I prefer maltier beers, but…

I brewed NB’s AG La Petite Orange about 2 months ago. It turned out clean and with some good flavor, but I’m finding it very one-dimensional. The malty/fruity flavors have nothing to balance them. I really think I might like it better after some dry hopping (something I’ve never tried before).

Can anyone suggest a hop variety? amount? schedule?

[Full Disclosure: I treated my water for the first time ever on this brew and purposefully mashed a little lower than normal. The result was an FG of 1.005 whereas I’m accustomed to 1.010-1.015. I’m not sure how much this is influencing my perception of flavor.]

Ferment a little warmer, or add some coriander.
Of course being one dimensional is what I like about Petite orange; it has kinda become my go-to, when I’m not in the mood for something more specific.

I like what JMcK is saying, the way I interpret it is the style of the Belgians. The focus IMO, is on the yeast strains and the flavors they produce, and there is multiple ways we can influence those flavors by how we ferment them. This is what Belgians are about. I personnaly enjoy the flavor of the strains with little hops except to lightly bitter the beer. I guess that’s one dimensional when you focus on the yeast rather than malts or hops. Experiment with it to suit your own taste.

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