La Petite Orange Extract adddition in secondary?

Wondering if it would be wise to add orange zest to the secondary on this recipe or if it would hurt. This is only my 2nd brew. I saw in the forum and reviews on this brew in particular that several brewers added orange zest and coriander at the end of boil with good results but I didn’t know about this until after I brewed. If I decide to do this what would be the best way? Zest soaked in vodka? Or should I just not bother with it at all and see how the recipe turns out first before deciding wha to do next time? Opinions greatly appreciated.

I would suggest brewing this one according to the recipe for the first time brewing. You can tweak the next brew after you’ve tasted this first one.

Sounds good. Thanks

Petite orange is one of my favorites. Sound advice to brew a kit by-the-numbers to establish a baseline before tweaking.

That said, I do like it with vodka soaked zest added to the fermenter. My opinion is that corriander is not needed with proper yeast management.

I have an extract kit of this as well. Whats your description of the flavor profile?

You’re not going to hurt anything by adding the orange zest. When it comes to soaking fruit/zest in vodka, I have no experience. I did brew this beer with LME last fall and added the orange zest and coriander at flame out. It turned out really nice… Especially after bottle aging for a few months. The orange flavor is there but not right in your face. The coriander was really up front within the first month of bottling but has mellowed out now.

Thank you for the replies and advice. I think that I will taste when I take a gravity reading and see what I think of it at that point. Most likely will just leave well enough alone. Like I said I did not add the zest at flameout so it would go into the secondary, just not sure if anyone had experience with doing it that way with this brew.

No experience but either way you’re not going to hurt anything. Pretty soon I’m brewing the Grapefruit Pulpin’ - where Grapefruit peel is soaked in vodka before the whole concoction is added to the secondary. Seems like soaking fruit/zest in vodka is the standard from what I’ve gathered on here… Could try gin too.

On the flip-side… I bet this beer is just as good without the additions. I had a Belgian double this past weekend at a local brewery and was immediately reminded of our beloved La Petite Orange. It was a good- solid beer without the orange flavor.

I have brewed this 4 or 5 times. The last 3 with orange zest. To me it makes a good beer very good. One batch lasted about 20 minutes at a summer wedding reception with people asking for more. I don’t get overly excited about the coriander either as someone else mentioned. It really comes down to you and the orange will not hurt anything

Thanks for the info. I hope that mine will last more than 20 minutes though!