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La Petite Orange (Belgian Dubbel) Vol of Co2?

Hello. I am ready to bottle a batch of NB La Petite Orange. I am reading conflicting information on vol of co2, and I want to calculate how much corn sugar to add when priming. Has anyone brewed this beer or a similar beer that can give me some direction on what desired vol of Co2 to aim for? Tasty Brew priming calculator recommends 1.9 - 2.4 for the style, and NB’s calculator recommends 3.0 for the style. I definitely don’t want this beer to be under carbonated, but I also don’t want it exploding out the top when i open a bottle. Thank You so much for your time and replies.

I’ve done that one a couple of times. I just used the whole 5oz. bag. Loved it.

As for style guide standards, unless you’re planning on competing, brew what you want to drink.

That said, my opinion is that 1.9 - 2.4 is too low.

I’m bumping this post because I’m about to bottle a Le Petite Orange and I’m hoping some of you wise-and-intelligent-brewing-god-dudes can offer some wisdom: how much priming sugar do you suggest? I’ve checked out the calculators and, like mrovnak5 (who started this conversation), I want to make a good decision so this summer I’ll be happily drinking my nicely-carbonated bombers under a tree in my lovely home of Oregon. What sayeth you?

If you got the kit from NB the recipe says 2/3 cup corn sugar or 3/4 cup table. I’ve just brewed this batch this last weekend and I’m planning on going with the corn sugar like the recipe states. I’ve done about 25 batches from NB and haven’t been mislead so far.

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