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La Biere Rouge - Dubbel

Here’s a recipe I just brewed on Wednesday. I have been tweaking this over a few iterations and think I like it pretty well now. Here it is…I get kettle full @31qts - K.O. 25qts and thus package about 20-21.

Mash Water: 1.2 qts/lb.
Treat to about 50ppm calcium, 70ish ppm sulfate and 50 or so chloride.
I use a bit of Cal-sulf, Epsom Salt and Cal-chlor.

Grist Bill:
10 lbs. Pilsner 69%
1.5 lbs. Biscuit 10.3%
10 oz. Extra Special 130L 4.3%
4 oz. CaraMunich 1.7%
2 oz. Aromatic 0.9%

Sacc Rest @ 146F 15min.
Dextrine Rest @ 156F 15min.
Mash out 170F (optional)
If you don’t have mash heat you can pull some wort out of the mash - heat to 165 and add back for a little ramp.

Vourlauf until wort is glossy.
Treat Sparge water with 88% lactic acid to pH 5.6-5.7
Lauter slowly (I take about 45min for 6gal sparge)

Kettle Full @ 31qts S.G. 1.049
90 min boil - Additions:
90 min. 1 oz. Liberty 5.4 AA
60 min. .5 oz. Liberty 5.4 AA
20 min. .5 lbs. Turbanado Sugar (add slowly to avoid scorching on bottom)
20 min. 1.0 lbs. Belgian Med. Candi Syrup 40L
20 min Irish Moss and yeast nutrient.

K.O. target 25qts 1.070 S.G.
K.O. temp 68F

Pitch 3739 at 68F allow to rise to 72F-74F over 4-5 days. (1.012-1.014)
Lower temp to 50F for 5days.
Rack off yeast to secondary and cool to 42F for 14 days.

Bottle with 4.8oz. dextrose (in stout bottles)
Keep bottles at 68-72 for 3 weeks
Cool to below 50F for 1 week prior to serving.
Age cool for up to 8 mos.

Have a go if you like. It’s deceivingly smooth for its strength and has nice Belgian candi character melded with malt sweetness.

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