Kveik yeast

i know its not a product that nb has in stock
so sorry i post this
our last conversation we did talk about this kind of yeast kveik strain
so i did find some and did order hope this kind of yeast works for the hot island temp i got to deal with it runs from 70 to 100 fh

but besides this got some more belgium w yeast as well smack pack and bunch of new hops
me happy for my sunday brew day

Keep us posted on the Kveik yeast. Don’t forget to post the recipe when the beer is done.

Has anybody tried this yeast yet? And if you did, how high of ferm temps did you let it reach?

Yes be interested in results… I think I saw something about this yeast on nepenthiology… I think that posting was relayed twiller a while back… somewhat off the main road of brewing and interesting articles… Sneezles61

I’ve got some going in flour for an upcoming bread loaf. I may be used to my sourdough, but it seems to go like a madman. Blows up the dough super quick. I can smell the orange though… I’ve got more on hand for an IPA and a porter, to be brewed soon.

We lost our sour dough last fall and do miss it… So you have a sour dough with the Kveik yeast growing? Sneezles61

I do… it’s technically a poolish, since I started it with yeast. From what I hear about this strain, the lactobacillus might have a hard time taking hold. It’s apparently pretty hearty. In contrast, my usual sourdough was originally cultured with bottle dregs of US05. It’s tangy, funky multicultural stuff now.

will try next week to brew with the yeast. think my room temp on a hot day around three pm runs around 85. see what will happen with the yeast .

One of the guys from Omega was recommending to pitch their strain at 90°F and let it go nuts. Sounds like you’ve got the perfect conditions for it!

hope so
next week will try