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Kveik yeast question, again

About two weeks from our winter home in the RV. I will be doing some extract kits or make up my own extract recipes to brew with the minimal equipment I could carry. The problem is there is no practical way to control fermentation temps. Even in mid winter the outside temps are in the 70s or more. Good thing for us humans, bad for beer.

So has anyone actually used Kveik or Hothead yeast at very warm temps? Best case scenario will be if my wife permits is putting the bucket in a corner inside the RV where the a/c should keep it in the 70s but with heat from fermentation I will probably be getting 80ish.

If Kveik still produces off flavors at that temp then I will just stick with US-05 or something since dry yeast will be much easier.

I’ve used it at 72 degrees ambient and didn’t get “off” flavors. Definite orange esters, but nothing too off. @wilcolandzaat has used it on his island at much warmer temps than me…

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I pitched Yeast Bay’s kveik yeast at 97F a couple weekends ago. I didn’t get around to bottling it last weekend, but plan on doing so this coming weekend. I’ll let you know if there are any off flavors. I’ve used it mid 70’s without issue.

I do use it here up to 86 and preforms nice. Light orange taste. Works perfect. With a yeast starter. Starts most the time doing its own thing. Super active around 5 days seems to slow down. Hail to kveik. Preforms super well in warm climates


Took a sample last night, and I’ll say that the Kveik yeast did just fine mid 90’s. Gravity went from 1.065 to 1.009, no solventy or hot flavors, no phenolics or acetaldehyde. The esters were slightly more pronounced, but not unpleasant by any means. All in all, I’m impressed!

Did brew monday. A mayhem spiced ipa og a 1.055. Did just took a reading. Kind of curius. A og of. 1.030. Right now. A big krausen going on.

Thanks guys. This is good to hear. Kind of keeps me stuck with one yeast but some of the Belgians (did I mention they are my fav?) work pretty good too.

How many times do you reuse the Kveik before buying new? Think there is room in the fridge for a mason jar.

I’m on my fifth repitch. I’m planning on repitching it as long as I can, until it becomes a mixed fermentation culture. So far it hasn’t shown any signs of drift.

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That should just about last me the winter. Only have a bucket and two kegs to work with.

Did read when the outside temp gets below. 65 it does not preform that well. The way i do. I do harvest the yeast. Stick it in a mason jar. And re use it twice. I do use it in combenation with a fresh starter. When i brew. Higher grav beers.

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