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I have a lambic that has been sitting for a year and I am going to add some cherry puree to make a kreik. I plan on racking about 3g to the cherries and leaving the rest.
I have a couple cans of the vinters reserve cherry puree from NB ... puree.html

For you guys that do sours what amount do you suggest for roughly 3 gallons? Also what kind of head space should I leave for the restart of fermentation from the bugs?

I have heard to use about 25% of puree to pounds of real fruit. For those that have used real fruit how much did you use?

Starting the beginnings of a kriek this weekend. I was going to follow some of Dawson’s advice in his kit recipe, he uses 2 cans of that puree for a full 5 gallon batch so I’d guess 1 can would do it for you. Also he recommends as little head space as possible when racking on to the cherries. I’m kind of blindly following his advice since I’ve got no other kriek recommendations to go off of.

I just looked at that kit and those directions are way messed up for a Kreik

:shock: Any advice on what parts. Kind of going into this knowing little to nothing about making lambics.

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