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Kriek Secondary

I brewed the Dawson’s Kried extract kit about 3 months ago. Four days ago I racked it onto the cherry puree. I’ve yet to see any signs of a secondary fermentation. The kit suggests using a blow off tube, because the secondary can be so vigourous.

Am I worrying about nothing? I do plan on letting this sit for another 4-6 months, so if it’s a slow ferment thats ok. I assume the yeast a bugs are still alive. 3 months doesn’t seem long enough for the yeast to all die off, and I think the other bugs in there are hardier than the yeast.

I have yet to rack my first sour so I’m no expert but it sounds possible the yeast cells might have kicked the bucket or are just working very slowly. I’ve read that the bugs work slow as well so you might just have to sit back and wait it out. I’d say don’t worry about it and try to wait it out at least a year.

Just let it go. The beer is fine. Can you get a big secondary fermentation? Sometimes. Does it happened everytime? Nope.
What’s the gravity at the time you racked and what’s the temp now?

The gravity was 1.012 when I racked it(1.045 O.G. I don’t know how I missed the O.G. on a extract kit!) Temp at 68°F

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