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Kriek lambic in secondary

Did bit over a month a kriek lambic. No nice in the fermentor. Untill the end of september. But do i need to add more yeast. Into the secondary. Been reading. Add more yeast. Got a pack of dansan condition yeast.

When I brewed my kriek I just let it sit for about 6 months in secondary. No extra yeast. I think during this time it’s the bacteria that are doing the work. And they can be very slow. Have you taken a hydrometer reading?

This style of beer is absolutely fascinating to me. After primary fermentation it tastes like rotten meat–disgusting. After sitting for several months, it’s a totally different animal. Amazing.


Took grav reading at the end of boil. And when i did transfer. To the second. Before i did add the cherries. Now it sits in the corner doing its thing. Plan to take a reading end of august. September than it will be four months. In secondary. Amazed once i did add the cherrie puree. It started to ferment up the storm. Think will wait six months as well then before transfer to keg. First time i did brew a kriek.

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