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Krausen not dropping

I brewed the NB AK47 kit using the Wyeast 1245 Neobrittania. I was going to move the beer to a secondary so I could harvest the yeast and brew the NB Nut brown Ale. I removed the UV shield(black T shirt) from the carboy and I still have a solid krausen covering the beer. Will this drop in time or do I need to rack from underneath? PS I’ve decided to hold off on the Nut Brown and keg directly from the primary if time will let this clean up. PPS OG was 1.034 FG 1.010 consistent.

How long has it been in the primary?

Right, yeast makes its own schedule. Sometimes it takes longer than normal to drop. Just be patient.

Primary 10 days. From personal experience the two week fermentation kits I’ve brewed (InnKeeper, Cream Ale) have cleaned up quickly. I was just wondering if this was a characteristic of the 1945?

It could be the yeast and I vaguely remember people reporting stubborn kräusen from British strains. You could swirl it up a bit to break it apart and it’ll fall back into the beer. Racking under is an option as well. Also, great use of the UV shield :wink:

Cold crash it, and it will drop in 24 hours.

I’ve had persistent kraeusen from 1945. You can rack from underneath it if you want. The kraeusen is going to contain hop particles that you don’t necessarily want in your beer, so I’d rack from under it if I were you.

I’ve swirled up to drop a kraeusen with 1945, and it came back. Swirled again, came back again. I had to drop it 5 times over the course of 10 days before it stayed down. This is part of why it’s such a great top cropper.

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