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Kraeusen question

I brewed a pale ale two weeks ago and used WhiteLabs California Ale yeast and have a nice thick kraeusen that has not dropped. I have never used this yeast before so unsure if it is normal that the kraeusen has not fallen yet and wonder if it will fall before next week. I gave the carboy a little twist to see if it would dislodge the foam but she is a stubborn one.

Thoughts? Let it ride till it drops or just work around it?

I find that strain to stick around as well. Cold crashing will help.

Also if you want something that is just as neutral but drops and clears faster use San diego super strain. ... train.html

It ferments faster and clears much faster than wlp001. Great yeast. I have pretty much stopped using california ale due to liking san diego so much. Great yeast.

I’ve only used US05 but my understanding is they are pretty much the same strain. I too have this problem with US05 everytime I use it. It will eventually fall but after about 2 weeks. at about 10 days I will start gently rocking the carboy a couple times a day, and this will coax it down by the end of 2 weeks. Cold crashing will also drop it down as well.

It is not all that uncommon to have a hard kraeusen and the beer is finished . Take a hydrometer read and if it is the same after 3 days you are pretty much done. Then you can just rake from under it.

I want to take readings but the cake is so thick my thief will probably grab a bunch of yeast and that’s if the thief needle doesn’t get all jammed up from fighting through the cake.

Thanks for reassuring me that the cake should drop. Figured it would but wanted to see if anyone else has been though it and what they did.

I have seen yeast cakes that won’t fall. They just sit there and harden. You should try to get a good reading as the yeast may not be that hard but you might have to rack the beer from under the yeast cake.
Just a side note here. Many English Type Brewers with open fermenters use English yeast that have a thick heavy top crop and let it harden to protect the beer. They always drain the beer from under the yeast cap.

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